Performant Progressive Enhancement for PWAs

October 7, 2021, 3:50 PM - 4:10 PM (UTC)

When every byte matters and you need to support every user and every device, you need to embrace progressive enhancement from the service worker up. Supporting users who may not support Progressive Web Apps, on low-end devices, on expensive pre-paid internet plans, or while offline, requires rethinking of the core architecture of most PWAs. Performant progressive enhancement provides an approach that a research team at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, in partnership with Howard Brown Health, has developed for these needs, allowing them, and you, to improve PWA user engagement for everyone

  • Karl Stolley

    Associate Professor of Information Technology and Management

    Karl Stolley is currently writing a book on WebRTC for Pragmatic Programmers—likely to be the first book to provide complete coverage of the finalized WebRTC 1.0 specification. Stolley studies the open standards and open-source technologies that support web development. His professional work is invested in securing the web’s future as a more humane open platform. To that end, Stolley researches, practices, and promotes ethical, iterative web development techniques that help make the web and its content universally accessible to all.

  • Kinza Haque

    Student at Illinois Institute of Technology, specializing in Web Design and Application Development and Psychology

    Kinza Haque is a fourth year student at Illinois Institute of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Management and a Master’s degree in Web Design and Application Development, with a minor in Psychology. Kinza is also the president of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization chapter on campus and hopes to inspire more women to become the leaders of tomorrow. She is working alongside Professor Karl Stolley in developing a PWA that integrates a performant progressive enhancement approach, as a part of a grant-supported research study.

  • Steve N. Du Bois

    Assistant Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist

    I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Clinical Psychologist who is interested in designing and testing health behavior interventions, particularly among those who are generally marginalized.